“Excuse me, can I have your attention for a second.”


“How would you like to elect a government that works for the people?”

“What does that mean?”

“Well, you see, the current ruling class cares only about themselves and that is why we like to take their power and give it back to the hands of the people!”

“But why do you say that they care only about themselves? For example this other party is proposing that mothers get extra benefits. Don’t that mean that they care about mothers?”

“No, they just do that to trick you into thinking like that. The truth is that they are cold and harsh and they think only about themselves and their rich friends. So this is why you shoud vote for us!”

“OK, I never knew that, I will vote for you.”

“Congratilations for winning the election!”

“Thank you. You know what is the best part? We don’t need elections any more!”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, since we represent the people and we have all the power that means that the people have all the power! Any election can only spoil that!

“What if there exists another organization of people that care about the people even more than you do and they have ideas for how to make their life better?

“Everyone who truly cares about the people can work with us.”

“But what if they don’t like you or something?”

“If they aren’t willing to make a compromise that means they just don’t care enough. Plus, look at us, what is not to like?”

“Listen, we need to talk. There are this men which came in the company where I was working in and claiming they are the bosses now, even though they know nothing about the business…”

“Yes, they are our representatives. Do you know that your former boss’s salary was 10 times the size of yours and that of your current boss is just 2 times as high? So we fired your boss we will raise your salary with 1 percent.”

“Who cares about this 1 percent? The whole company is falling apart.”

“It will be fine, I assure you. This person is working in your interest. That is what is important. Right?”

“Hi, I seem to have a problem with my TV - I don’t have channel Two anymore.”

“Ah, I think that we removed that.”


“Well, you see, the program on this channel was straight garbage - some self important idiots who

“Hi, this time I want to speak with you because you own the local newspaper. There is this article which I want to submit for publication.”

“We appreciate your effort but we cannot publish that - it contains some statements which are not in the best interest of the people.”

“What are you talking about. It just contains critisism.”